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To create effective advertising campaigns, we start by developing a clear plan and strategy, defining our target audience and creating a content calendar. Next, we design and curate engaging and relevant content in various formats. Finally, we track our performance using analytics tools and adjust our strategy accordingly, including managing and optimizing advertising campaigns. By regularly refining our approach, we can stay relevant and continue to grow our social media audience.

Facebook - Instagram - Google - Linkedin


Anor Living approached us to launch awareness campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. We tested both static and video content with the same objective of growing their followers and engagement. During the campaign, we monitored and analyzed the results to determine which content performed best and made necessary adjustments to optimize performance. By leveraging the power of social media advertising, we were able to help Anor Living reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and grow their social media following.


For Amazon Salon, we launched awareness campaigns on various digital platforms, like Instagram and Facebook. The objective was to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the salon's website, and ultimately increase bookings. To achieve this, we created a range of static and video content, including ads and sponsored posts, that showcased the salon's services and featured engaging visuals and messaging. Throughout the campaign, we monitored performance metrics and optimized our approach accordingly.


For Facegym, our work involved creating content for Instagram to help increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website. We focused on highlighting the unique benefits of the facial workout and showcasing the luxurious and trendy atmosphere of FaceGym's locations. We created a range of static and video content, including photos, videos, and copy, that effectively communicated the brand's message and resonated with its target audience.



The first step in creating effective advertising campaigns is for us to develop a clear plan and strategy. This includes defining our target audience, determining the best channels to reach them, and setting clear goals and objectives. We can create a content calendar to help us organize our content and ensure we consistently post engaging and relevant content. We also manage and optimize the advertising campaigns to ensure they align with our strategy.


Once we have a plan in place, the next step is for us to create and curate content. This involves creating original content that aligns with our brand's messaging and aesthetic, as well as curating content from other sources that our audience may find interesting. A mix of formats such as videos, photos, and graphics can help to keep our content fresh and engaging.


The final step is for us to track our performance and optimize our approach. This involves analyzing our social media metrics and adjusting our strategy based on what resonates with our audience. We can use analytics tools to monitor engagement levels, website traffic, and other metrics to help us identify trends and areas for improvement. Regularly updating and refining our advertising campaigns, can help us stay relevant and continue to grow our audience.

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