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Project Overview

Wecomeet had the opportunity to shape the brand identity of Amazon Salon, a hair salon offering a full range of services alongside the latest salon technology. The project involved creating a logo, designing the window display, developing texture elements, managing Instagram content, designing website pages, and producing various print marketing assets.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge was to create a brand identity for Amazon Salon that resonated with its modern and technologically advanced approach. The objective was to establish a cohesive visual language that communicated the salon's innovative services and upscale environment.

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Strategy and Approach

  • Logo Redesign: The logo for Amazon Salon was crafted using the 'Amazon Ember Regular' font, a choice that mirrors the modernity and sophistication of the brand​​. This font was selected for its clean, contemporary look, aligning with the salon's high-tech ethos.

  • Window Design:  The window display was a crucial element in attracting customers. It was designed to be eye-catching and reflective of the salon's cutting-edge services, using vibrant colors and dynamic designs that hinted at the quality and range of services offered inside.

  • Texture Development:  Texture elements were developed to add depth and character to the brand's visual identity. These textures were used across various platforms, including the salon's interior decor, website, and print materials, creating a consistent and immersive brand experience.

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  • Instagram Content and Management: Instagram played a key role in the digital marketing strategy. Wecomeet managed the salon's Instagram account, curating content that showcased the salon's services, the technology in use, and the customer experience. This involved creating visually appealing posts that were consistent with the brand's aesthetic and engaging for the target audience.

  • Website Pages Design: The design of the website pages was focused on user experience, ensuring that the site was not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and informative. The design incorporated the brand's colors, textures, and overall visual language, providing an online presence that was an extension of the salon experience.

  • Print Marketing Assets: The creation of print marketing assets like brochures, business cards, and promotional flyers was integral to the branding. These materials were designed to be visually aligned with the overall brand identity and were used to promote the salon's services and special offers.

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Every element of the branding, from the logo to the website design and social media content, was executed with an eye for detail and consistency. The use of modern typography, cohesive textures, and a unified color palette ensured that the brand was presented as cutting-edge, sophisticated, and welcoming.

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Results and Impact

The comprehensive branding approach significantly enhanced the salon's market presence, attracting a broad clientele interested in innovative hair care solutions. The consistent and appealing brand image helped in establishing Amazon Salon as a destination for those seeking a unique salon experience combined with the latest technology.

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This case study demonstrates Wecomeet's ability to create a holistic and compelling brand identity for a modern salon. The Amazon Salon project highlights how effective branding can integrate various elements to create a seamless and engaging customer experience.

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