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Project Overview

Wecomeet took on the project of rebranding Boneca, a leader in the electronic music scene in London. The project encompassed a comprehensive redesign of the brand, including the logo, creation of a unique pattern, a new color scheme, design of posters, social media templates, and merchandising.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge was to redefine Boneca’s brand to better reflect its position as an innovative leader in the electronic music industry. The objective was to create a brand identity that was ELECTRO, EDGY, SOPHISTICATED, and distinctly MUSIC-oriented.

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Strategy and Approach

  • Logo Redesign: Wecomeet redesigned the Boneca logo to align with the brand's core attributes. The new logo, characterized by the 'Wicked hearts gular' font, embodied a modern, edgy, and sophisticated aesthetic, fitting for an electronic music brand​​.

  • Pattern Creation: A unique pattern was created to complement the new logo and color scheme. This pattern was designed to be versatile, usable across various mediums including digital platforms, merchandise, and in-venue decorations.

  • Color Scheme: A new color scheme was introduced to revitalize the brand's visual identity. The chosen colors were vibrant and modern, reflecting the energy of electronic music while maintaining an air of sophistication

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  • Poster Design: Posters were designed to promote events and the brand itself. These posters incorporated the new logo, color scheme, and pattern, creating a visually cohesive and striking promotional tool.

  • Social Media Templates: To ensure brand consistency across digital platforms, Wecomeet developed social media templates. These templates were designed to be visually engaging, reflecting the brand's new identity, and easily adaptable for various types of content.

  • Merchandising: Merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and promotional items were designed to incorporate the new branding elements. This merchandise served as a tangible representation of the Boneca brand, extending its reach beyond the music scene.

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Execution The execution of each branding element was meticulously carried out to ensure a coherent and appealing brand presence. From the logo to the social media presence, each aspect was infused with the brand’s core values of being edgy, sophisticated, and unmistakably linked to electronic music.

Results and Impact

The rebranding led to a renewed perception of Boneca in the London electronic music scene. The modern, sophisticated branding resonated with the target audience, leading to increased engagement, both online and offline, and a stronger brand presence in the industry.

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The Boneca project showcases Wecomeet's expertise in reimagining a brand’s identity to align with its core values and market position. The successful transformation of Boneca illustrates how effective branding can invigorate a brand, making it more relevant and appealing to its audience.

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