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Project Overview

  • Background: We at Wecomeet embarked on an exciting journey with Healthy Smile Club (HSC), a forward-thinking monthly subscription service tailored to oral health. Our goal was to sculpt an identity that not only reflects the brand's commitment to personalized dental care but also cements its place in the everyday lives of those seeking professional oral health guidance.

  • Our Vision for HSC: We envisioned HSC as a beacon of innovation and convenience in oral health, harnessing our digital expertise to foster a brand that resonates with both professionals and consumers.



  • Market Gap Identification: We observed a significant gap in integrated oral health services combining premium products with expert education. Our challenge was to bridge this gap with a brand that speaks to trust and expertise.

  • Building Consumer Trust: Establishing HSC as a trusted companion in dental health was crucial. We aimed to craft a brand persona that exudes confidence and professionalism, appealing to discerning dental practitioners and patients alike.



  • Immediate Milestones: We set out to solidify partnerships with dental professionals, positioning HSC as their preferred choice for patient care support.

  • Visionary Targets: Our sights were set on transforming HSC into the UK's premier oral health subscription service, a name synonymous with excellence in dental care.



  • Strategic Brand Positioning: We strategized to elevate HSC's market presence as a premium service backed by dental endorsements, ensuring every touchpoint conveyed expertise and convenience.

  • Crafting the Visual Identity: We meticulously developed a visual language for HSC, from its logo to its color palette and typography, each element echoing the brand's core values of trust and accessibility.



  • Summarizing the Transformation: We reflect on how our rebranding initiative has catalyzed HSC's growth, underpinning its aspiration to democratize dental wellness.

  • Our Reflections: We share our insights on how aligning HSC's brand identity with its mission has set a foundation for future success.

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