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Project Overview

Redesign of the "JC World", "Craftsmanship", and "Sustainability" Sections


Jimmy Choo


Redesign of specific sections to enhance luxury appeal, minimalism, and user engagement.

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To elevate the digital presence of Jimmy Choo by revamping the "JC World", "Craftsmanship", and "Sustainability" sections of their website. Our aim was to create a luxurious, minimalistic, and engaging experience that embodies the brand's savoir-faire and catches the eye of the modern luxury consumer.

Benchmarking and Research

We began by benchmarking against top-tier luxury brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Moncler. Our analysis focused on how these brands treated similar sections on their websites, identifying best practices and opportunities for differentiation.

Wireframes: Collaborative Design in Figma

Using Figma, we created detailed wireframes for each section. The process was highly collaborative, involving regular meetings and idea-sharing sessions with the Jimmy Choo team. Real-time amendments were made directly in the live document to ensure alignment and immediate feedback. This phase was crucial in laying the foundation for a seamless and visually stunning user experience.

D-Our world - v1.png
M-Our world - v1.png

User Interface: Crafting the Luxury Aesthetic

Once the wireframes were approved, we transitioned to the UI phase. The design team focused on crafting a luxurious, minimalistic, and sexy interface that reflected Jimmy Choo’s brand identity. Key design elements included:

  • Typography: Elegant and modern typefaces that convey sophistication.

  • Color Palette: A refined palette of black, white, and gold to maintain a luxurious feel.

  • Imagery: High-quality, captivating images showcasing Jimmy Choo's craftsmanship and sustainability efforts.

The Jimmy Choo team provided the content, which we seamlessly integrated into the design. Each section was designed to highlight the brand’s heritage and commitment to excellence.

User Testing: Ensuring a Flawless Experience

User testing sessions were conducted across all devices and web browsers to ensure the redesigned sections were responsive and user-friendly. This phase involved rigorous testing, collecting feedback, and making necessary adjustments to enhance functionality and user satisfaction.

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The redesigned "JC World", "Craftsmanship", and "Sustainability" sections were successfully launched, significantly enhancing the user experience and aligning with Jimmy Choo's luxury brand identity. The revamped sections received positive feedback from users and stakeholders alike, noting the improved navigation, aesthetic appeal, and engaging content.

screencapture-jimmychoo-en-craftmanship-html-2022-10-18-10_45_49 3.png
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