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Project Overview

Joiiacbd, a leader in the French CBD market, presented a unique challenge to Wecomeet: to develop a brand identity that encapsulated the core values of fun, colorful, young, and premium. The project encompassed everything from naming and logo creation to packaging, website development, social media strategy, and print collateral.

Challenges and Objectives

Joiiacbd needed a distinctive brand identity to stand out in the rapidly growing CBD market. The objective was to create a cohesive and appealing brand image that would resonate with the target audience, reflecting both the quality and the innovative nature of their products.

  • Naming: The naming process focused on capturing the essence of a fun, approachable, yet premium brand. The name "Joiiacbd" was chosen for its playful, easy-to-remember quality, resonating with a younger audience while maintaining an air of sophistication.

  • Logo Design:  The logo incorporated bright, bold colors and modern typography (Helvetica Neue Light and Didot regular) to reflect a young and fun brand personality, yet exuded premium quality​​. The design balanced playfulness with elegance, appealing to a style-conscious audience.

  • Packaging:  The packaging design was a crucial aspect, as it needed to be visually engaging, colorful, and convey a sense of youthful exuberance. At the same time, it was designed with a premium feel, using high-quality materials and finishes to reflect the top-tier quality of the products.



The execution of each element - from the logo to the website and social media content - was a careful blend of fun, color, youth, and luxury. Visuals and narratives were crafted to resonate with a younger demographic, emphasizing the brand's playful and vibrant nature while maintaining a premium feel.

DSC_6689-1 (1).jpg

Results and Impact

The branding successfully positioned Joiiacbd as a fun, colorful, young, and premium brand in the CBD market. This was reflected in the positive reception from the target demographic, increased brand recognition, and customer engagement.

Wecomeet-branding (1).jpg
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Group 908.png
Group 909.png
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The Joiiacbd project showcases Wecomeet's prowess in creating a brand identity that not only stands out but resonates deeply with its intended audience. It exemplifies how core values can be effectively translated into a comprehensive branding strategy.

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