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Project Overview

Elevating Busuu's B2B User Experience: A Strategic Redesign


Our mission was to revamp the Busuu B2B platform to enhance usability and engagement for our corporate clients and educational institutions, thereby streamlining the language-learning experience.

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The project was centered around optimizing the user journey for administrators and learners within organizations, from the initial course selection to ongoing progress tracking.

Team and Roles

Our team, composed of UX/UI designers, developers, and language education specialists, pooled our diverse skills to craft a B2B solution that would resonate with our audience.

Workshops and Collaboration

To kickstart the project, we organized a series of workshops involving stakeholders from Busuu, including product managers, marketing teams, and end-users. These workshops were crucial in understanding the specific needs and pain points of different user groups. We utilized Design Thinking methodologies to brainstorm solutions, ensuring that every voice was heard and every idea was considered.

Workflow and Wireframes

Our workflows, designed in Figma, depicted several stages such as the administrator dashboard and course customization interfaces, simplifying the management and analysis processes. Detailed wireframes and prototypes were created to visualize the new features and layouts. We employed an iterative design process, constantly refining our designs based on feedback from Busuu’s team and user testing sessions.

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  • Poster Design: Posters were designed to promote events and the brand itself. These posters incorporated the new logo, color scheme, and pattern, creating a visually cohesive and striking promotional tool.

User Interface

The UI overhaul integrated thematic designs in Illustrator, adopting a clean, professional aesthetic with Busuu-branded signal colors and typography, all within B2B ideals. The design aimed to make the interface intuitive and visually appealing, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

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Our illustrations, crafted to appeal to a business audience while maintaining Busuu’s friendly image, were integrated across the platform to enhance the visual experience. These elements were strategically placed to guide users through the platform and highlight key features.

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Implementation into HubSpot

We integrated the final design into HubSpot to facilitate marketing automation and CRM functionalities. This integration involved setting up workflows for lead nurturing, email marketing, and customer segmentation. The development stages were visualized in Miro, ensuring all stakeholders were aligned throughout the process.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Post-launch, we continued to provide ongoing maintenance and support. This included regular updates to ensure compatibility with new technologies, continuous optimization based on user feedback, and translations for new markets. Our team remained available for troubleshooting and enhancements, ensuring the platform evolves with Busuu’s growing needs.

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Final Results

The redesign was brought to life using agile methodologies, with development stages visualized in Miro and implementation supported by HubSpot for marketing automation. The outcome was a streamlined, user-friendly platform that significantly improved engagement and usability for Busuu’s B2B clients.

This strategic revamp of Busuu’s B2B platform has not only enhanced the overall user experience but also positioned Busuu as a leading solution in the language-learning market for businesses and educational institutions.

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