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Chase the Top 8 Technology Trends for 2020

We are in the 21st century and Technology has taken a whole new mode to surprise us with rapidly growing innovations in it. The various updates on it make us believe that the answer to the most difficult problems in the world can be solved through Technology. Not only in the technicalities but it is also helping businesses grow in the world. Also, as a digital marketing company, WECOMEET too has experienced the importance of technology in running the business with full-fledged wisdom. 

Maybe in some other write up, we would share the link between the digital marketing and growing technology but this particular blog is dedicated to the 8 major technology trends in 2020 that are being acknowledged at this time. Have a look at the below!

1. Hyper Automation

This technology is way advanced than Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is more impactful than the other technologies as it accelerates task automation to the next level. Hyper automation is not like traditional technologies. This trend started with robotic process automation (RPA) and it is a mixed package of machine learning, automation tools, and packaged software. It seems more successful with content intelligence, AI and other new/innovative technology. 

2. Edge Computing 

Cloud computing is no new in the market. Gone are the days when it was the novel master of technologies. Now it has made its space in the mainstream and continues to trend down. But Edge computing is the emerging technology that wants all your attention. The shortcomings of cloud computing are its strength and it is estimated to grow with near $6.72 billion markets in the forthcoming times. It is like mini data centres and helpful in several ways. 

3. Augmented Reality 

When Augmented Reality, also known as Virtual Reality, hit the market, the earliest impression was its linking with the gaming industry. But not many people know that apart from Pokemon Go, this particular technology is of phenomenal use when it comes to training combats, in medical training, graphic design companies, retail, urban planners, architects, practitioners, and so many other people. It is like inspiring many industries, especially various start-ups to create out of the basics with its functionalities. We now can see VR almost everywhere and this proves that it has become the favourite of all.

4. BlockChain 

Blockchain technology is the most popular technology and also the one which interests people to invest in it. It forms a chain of data and is also way secured when compared with other digital assets as it is resistant to data modification. It is the most simple, distributed ledger for cryptocurrency. Other industries are also looking at this new age investment of building assets with technology. Another great thing about this amazing technology is that it is providing employment to rising industries and enhancing the professional skills of students, entrepreneurs, and so many other people. There is no doubt that it is bringing an exciting future ahead for the world.

5. Internet of Things 

IoT is not emerging but surely one of the greatest existing technologies that have made a distinctive space for it in the modern world. Many say it is a new definition to the 21st century and is enabling a techno ridden generation to discover a future with innovation. We can experience the Internet of Things in our cars, home applications, workplace, medical care and you name it and you will find it there. It is one top technology that is overpowering many industries with its easy accessibility and operation ability. It has been reaching a common may in an unusual way and is successful in making him/her experience the power of IoT.  

6. Cyber Security 

We all know what is cybersecurity. We know why it is important to have it and what importance it holds for society. Cybersecurity is not threatened by single but many ways. There are cyber offenders everywhere and data-stealing is the common breach that we experience in today’s time. Though it is not new and every company takes genuine measures to tackle such crimes but not to forget – Cyber Security is an all-time emerging technology. Reason being the rapidly growing threats that are new and have to be dealt with innovative measures. This industry is also growing three times faster than other jobs! 

7. Artificial Intelligence 

Now, many of you must be thinking that why is AI coming at the second last in the write-up. The reason is that we all know how Artificial Intelligence has shaped many economies and industries. Even a primary class student knows about it. The spread of this technology has been tremendous. Its indefinite success is the reason that AI is growing at its best. AI can do tasks faster than humans. If you look at the World Economic Forum’s recent studies, it has clearly said that the impression the world is about to make through AI will leave generations with more jobs and income. 

8. Robotic Process Automation 

Also known as RPA is the use of software to automate business processes. It is as famous as AI or Machine Learning. It helps in replying to daily mails, dealing with data and processing transactions. These are growing jobs that are well paid. If you look at the IT trends, they seem favorable to such professions. 

These were the top 8 technology trends in 2020 that you just read. WECOMEET believes that it is equally important to be updated in this world as we are a new age generation business and such technologies help us know more about the latest trends, problem-solving equations, and whatnot. We, as a web design agency has personally taken inspiration from these trending technologies a request others also to apply them in reality. 

If you are looking for more such interesting content then stay here for next write-ups coming your way. Our team is trying every effort to keep you enlightened with new and recent information on various things. We also hope you liked the blog.


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