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The Star “Milton Glaser”– A Graphic Legend & Inspiration

No, life is not fair but legends do make them worth living one. Some news can be devastating and silently play the chords of our heart in someone’s memory, and today through this blog, WECOMEET as a digital marketing agency in London is going to pass our tribute to MILTON GLASER, the legendary Graphic Designer of this century. He celebrated his 91st birthday in New York and breath one last time, leaving us behind with a galaxy of dreams, inspiration, and value of hard work.

No one in this world is not familiar with the famous “I Love New York” logo. We know you are getting goosebumps thinking that you do have a shirt of the same in your wardrobe, a key chain on the hanger, a book cover on the shelf and so many other things on which this is printed. Milton Glaser designed for the tourist attraction in New York. He was a total inspiration for every budding and experienced graphic director and designer. His visuals had no limitations, one thing he taught us that creativity can not die and should be embraced forever. It is such a strong motivation for our team as well. 

Our designers are highly influenced by his way of working, thinking and designing. It gives us tremendous happiness to see how at such a young age he realized his dream and contributed towards humanity as well. To share an incident, when in New York the terrible attack took place and so many people lost their lives. He decided to revamp the “I Love New York” logo with a scare in the heart and writing it as “I Love New York More than Ever.” Can you believe the extent of his unimaginable strength of designing? His logos were not just about designs, but they had a loud message in them. We also believe a logo without a purpose cannot define your brand or business. It has to be the core of everything. 

 In 2014, do you remember the very popular American drama series, MAD MEN? The final season of this series was specially designed by Glaser as an Art Nouveau-style posters and animations. We always urge to go back and have a glance at them So realistic, phenomenal, and well-crafted animation. This one thing proved that excellence has no limits, how you work and put in to achieve something matters the most. What a spectacular artist he was! 

Well, he was not just into creating something different, but also motivating at the same time through his incredible designs! Do you remember the 2016 presidential elections of America? He has a big-time contribution to them. “Get out the Vote Graphic” yes, did you recall something? He was among the host designers of elections who encouraged people to go and vote. He made people realize the value of voting and how crucial it is to visit the polling station and choose the candidate. His graphic has these lines “To Vote is to Exist.” How indulging that is. He was a star who had his wings flown everywhere. He knew just one thing and that was graphic designing. 

Moving on, as we are discussing some of his great designs that made history, one of them again is about the famous “Bob Dylan poster for CBS Records.” How beautifully he played with colors and gave a whole new look to Dylan poster. That curly hair dipped in a rainbow. It was magical and also, he received a lot of support and love from the community. This particular poster got him a lot of fame and since then he never looked back. One after the other amazing designs and his work was getting global recognition. An artist indeed has no boundary. He or she flies everywhere, every corner, and in every heart. 

Though he had many feathers in his hat one of the many great victories was the AIDS poster. He designed this poster for the WHO (World Health Organization) Imagine designing something for a world level organization? It is a big thing. When we think of such incredible works, one thing is very clear that it is all his art and hard work that made him the world’s favorite graphic designer. The poster was released in 1987 as a worldwide effort to stop AIDS. If you look back at the poster or the design, he has worked amazingly. There are two split hearts and a skull between them. His message was clear and loud. He took designing “quiet a serious” and this design proves it well. 

The more we share the less it is. He worked all his life and there are endless numbers of designs crafted by him. You take any one of them and there must be a story behind it. His dedication and devotion towards his passion encouraged so many young people to take graphic designing as their career. His contribution was not limited to the graphic community but also spread across the world. Be it any company or an organization, everyone wants to have someone who can understand their business without much explanation. 

Logo designing is not an easy part, we understand it. Our clients always have something in their mind and we have to fulfill the demand. Sometimes, it takes us a few days and some times it can a few weeks too. But, what matters is the devotion and commitment. We provide digital marketing services and logo designing in which graphics is one of many important works as it is the core of any company’s social presence. You know an identification should be unique and easy to understand. A logo or design should be outspoken and accessible. There are so many trending logos these days that one can use accordingly. 

In the end, we just want to thank Milton Glaser for being kind and creative. Apart from his terrific contribution to the Graphic Industry, his valuable work will always outshine the strength of an artist inside him. 


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