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5 Habits for Crafting the Perfect Remote Work Day

A few months back no one has ever thought of such a time when almost the world will sit back at home and work. Somehow we all have got to experience this in life where we wanted to see how things work from home. Several organizations such as real-estate industries, automation companies, small and medium enterprises, and even us at WECOMEET – the digital media agency initiated our services right from our place. There is no doubt that this new type of working schedule was not easy to fit in but worth experiencing. 

We left our workplace and lived homebound but we survived. Not only we worked hard but we also observed an increase in productivity per hour. It was a challenge to evaluate our work efficiency but eventually, with successfully delivered projects, we learned the art of working from home. 

Now, here is the trick. You have to work on yourself before you work for others. With ample time and a controlled environment, work-life becomes manageable. At the same time, it varies from person to person on how much do they focus on their habits. Habits shape our lifestyle and play an essential role in both professional and personal life. Bad habits lead you to problems while good habits save you from them. The aim of this write up is to make your work on 5 great habits that will help you manage the remote workday with ease. 

If you too are new to work from home and finding it a mess then we can help you here. Have a glance at the 5 habits below that a remote worker should adapt to. This will break the blur lines between the myth and truth attached to work from home: 

1. Start Early!

Getting an early start comes with added benefits. You can’t imagine that you are almost done with the work when it’s half time. It happens because the morning ritual has this magic which lets you run with next-level enthusiasm. You don’t have to miss breakfast or cuddles from your dearest pet. Also, waking up early maintains good health. 

So, there is always this work-life balance that you can maintain while working from home if you wake up early. Not waking up early, drags chores and may hinder mental peace too. No, you don’t have to set your alarm at 5 AM but to a certain tentative time which is a few hours ahead of the daily work routine. With this you can complete work at home and then proceed to work from home, ending up sleeping early at night. 

2. Where to work? 

Are you too tired of switching from one place to another? Do you have network issues or is your room too occupied? Don’t worry, take a deep breath, and look to a corner in your home where there are sufficient space and no network issues. Get your table settled and fix the modem. This way, you sav a lot of time and energy. 

Now, you have a proper mini workplace at your home and nothing can’t be better than this. There are chances that some of you reading this are already doing this at your end. A small, fine-looking, and an accessible workplace where all the creativity can be put together with imaginative strength. A place you feel is owned by you and space where ideas flow with positivity. 

3. Make a Schedule & fix Priorities

Back in time, we all had a schedule where we had slots fixed according to our travel, unchanging breaks, and strict adherence to timings. But, work from home gives us flexibility. We can amend our time for work and take breaks when we are comfortable. Such is the advantage of making a schedule for work for home. But, there is one thing that you might be missing onto and that is prioritizing work. 

There could be thousands of tasks lined up on your wall like working on a logo design, content creation or web development work but you are stuck with less productive ones. This affects efficiency and put everything on delay. To prevent yourself from this situation where you end up seeing failures, pick those tasks that are highly prioritized. Do not fumble on all and a time. Remember, every job requires its time. Do not rush, take time, and work properly. 

4. Be Focused & Determined

Your focus on a key ingredient that will help you increase productivity at work from home. Since you have full authority over the tasks you plan to do, this is now your job to give dedication a priority. Do not waste time browsing through social media channels or long phone calls with a friend. Assume that you are still in the office and underdogs are watching you. This habit can save a lot of time for you. 

Imagine a task require 2 hours but due to a friend’s phone (where discussions could be avoided), you dragged that task to more than 4 hours now – drastically reducing work efficiency. Remember, you can’t earn this time back and trust. Your organization is trusting the caliber and asking for a commitment. Do not break their faith. If this habit of delayed work continued in the future, it can ruin a lot. 

5. Balance is an Art

This is true that balancing work and life is an art. Many fail and a few survive. It involves a lot of patience and perseverance. While you work remotely, this time is good enough to learn new things and gain from experiences. Such a time should never come again when the world suffers from an unexpected medical crisis but if you have got a chance to work remotely then learn, learn, and learn as much as you can. 

This time will strengthen you, will make you independent and improve management skills. You will be able to understand the importance of a proper and healthy life as you learn planning, discipline, and self-awareness. 

We at WECOMEET, a digital marketing company is advising our friends & clients that if you are feeling stuck with old habits and finding it difficult to adjust with the new routine, don’t lose hope. Stay positive and work on yourself, sooner or later when we will be back to the old routine, these habits will help you on a serious note. 

Stay safe and have a great time working remotely!


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