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Adapting your SEO strategy to soften the impact of COVID-19 on organic traffic

The year 2020 was just like another usual year but this time the world is not seeing it as one. It is different, new, and difficult for everyone. Also, it is extremely challenging for the economy. Its present effects are visible and future impacts are predicted. But, now the challenge is bigger than anybody thought of. It is to still keep running businesses, start-ups, and lives. COVID 19 has turned into a pandemic and its post effects can be deadly for the world economy. Every other business is trying to search for sales but the demand is almost negligible. There is no second thought that the future is rough and a lot of challenges are coming our way. But like always, the solution is bigger than anything and whoever survives is called the fittest, thanks to Darwin for this. 

It has been noticed that many businesses have accepted digital marketing as one way to sustain themselves. They are now promoting their businesses online through different social media platforms. Somehow, the engagement is still going on. But engagement alone won’t help. You have to have a solid idea to push your business to the normal after the COVID 19 ends. 

What can help you sustain the business?

Many companies do SEO or Search Engine Optimization religiously. They understand the importance of it and have amazingly evaluated its positive effects in the present time. They say if you have strong SEO strategies, your business can survive the pandemic effects. WECOMEET, as a web design agency also agree that ignoring SEO won’t help. Instead, you have to make it a master tool for your business. It will help soften the impacts of COVID 19 in several ways. Hiring an SEO expert will be very helpful and engaging for the company. 

Understanding SEO role in marketing during the time of COVID 19

SEO fits right for short-term and long-term marketing strategies and businesses these days should learn how to make these strategies more effective. The organic nature of SEO should be considered while you evaluate it. It is suggested to strike a balance of organic and paid coverage for the next coming months to defend your business positively against the COVID 19 disaster. 

Immediate and significant shifts in Search Behaviour 

Search behaviors tend to change. One simple example is the difference between the essentials and non-essential businesses. Currently, the search for essential businesses is more than those of non-essentials. The subtle reason for it is the on-going situation. Right now the medical industry has the most number of searches per day instead of others. At this time every brand should closely monitor everything from their branding services, organic reach, searches, impressions, conversion to impacts. This makes the evaluation of your business more easy and effective. 

Here are the steps to stay home and make your audience turn into customers with SEO in the present times:

1. Creating a website page dedicated to Coronavirus 

We know what is trending. It is the COVID 19 pandemic in the world. From the latest news to recent updates, it has become important to have a look at it at least once. If your business has a page dedicated to it, you may be able to fetch more traffic. Getting more traffic is not only useful for saving the business from traffic loss but also a great strategy to turn visitors to customers. 

2. What kind of Content is required?

The page on the website should have relevant content to address your audience or else it will be of no use. With relevant – it means that content that aligns with traffic search. New topics, interesting subjects, and helpful content are a great way to address your audience but make sure you don’t end up repeating the old. 

Google trends can be a key to this strategy. Search the latest topics, and understand traffic behavior. Also, focus on keywords. Keywords help you bring traffic to your website. Check out the trends and look at what keywords fit best for your business and use them in the content.

3. Conversions are Important 

Tests and trials are crucial for your business at this time. If you want traffic to reach your website, it is recommended to understand conversions first. Active traffic helps in turning viewers into clients. A great conversion rate proves the ability of the brand to grow. Even if your traffic is declining to the point where A/B testing or other conversion rate testing tactics are not pertinent, there are still some things you can do meanwhile. 

The first step is to identify what keywords are required to identify your business. An in-depth analysis of all the pages should be done looking in GA and GSC. Is your product message clear to the audience? Are people finding the site relevant and how many people are bouncing off this page?

Secondly, improve on friction points. Identify them and work in the conversion process. Try to enhance the overall user experience and make it lucrative for potential customers to convert. 

These SEO strategies are highly recommended to follow. Not just they are vital for business stability but also for its growth in the future. Dropping off SEO is not a good idea for any brand at such a sensitive period. 

How is WECOMEET helpful to you?

As a business, if you too are finding challenges to grow online, we at WECOMEET is here to help you with significant strategies. The strategies include website development, branding, and marketing. No matter you are total strangers to this or a giant in the industry. We are here to help you with our passion for work and craze for business development. 

Our team is well versed in modern techniques and focuses on daily updates to keep your business ahead of all. The motive is to generate brand identity and make it a success. Our write-ups are dedicated to all the brands who want to grow their business and as a Digital Marketing Company; we know exactly where the brand needs to be.

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