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Know the Top Best Instagram Updates in 2020

We have seen a very dynamic digital transformation in the past few years and that has happened to change the world in several ways. Probably the impacts have flown out to not just the younger generation but the age-old businesses have come out to become as active participants of this rising community. The community of social developers through the platforms of social media is a novel way of building brands and making their presence more accessible also visible in the present time. 

 One very popular social media platform is Instagram. It is one of a kind application that has turned out to be a famous medium through which people can look into the world of digitalization and keep a check on everything and anything. Today, we at Wecomeet as a web design agency is going to talk about the platform and how did it become the most demanding application of 2020. All the new features added to it and what makes it stand out amongst all other apps.

It has been almost a decade when Instagram first made its presence and now it is blooming in 2020. It has stepped further than its competitors – because of the innovative and interactive features introduced by it. Let’s have a look at the 10 top Instagram Updates now:

1. Stories to Share

Instagram made socializing smooth and convenient when it introduced stories. Stories existed already but the way it is now being used by influencers or the corporates has given a whole new structure to its existence. With more than 500 million users every day, there is no doubt it has become the most effective platform to share daily updates with amazing features.

2. Music Melody

Who would have thought that music in stories can be a star catcher? Since the day this music feature has been introduced, it has given stories more attractive and creative way for the users to operate it daily. You can pick your loved piece and get your favorite picture, and here you go! just a few simple steps and your story is at a whole new level.

3. Direct Messages 

Direct messages are now a professional way to pitch. If you want to approach someone, Instagram handles are quicker than anything else. Somehow, these handles have also managed to skip the long dues and created a path of speedy contact. The whole concept of direct messages is wonderful. You can also filter out the top request and manage to keep them for primary or general chat box options. 

4. The Influencer Charts

Back in the times, some people created content, motivated and inspired people at the same time but was never given a name. Now, some people are taking this as a professional job and are being called influencers. Instagram has helped in boosting this particular field with as many as students trying to be fashion, food, corporate, content and creative influencers.

5. Product Information 

Now that we know Instagram is not just a casual social media platform, it is an important part of the business and brands use this platform to showcase their products online so that they could fetch more and more leads. Be it any clothing shop, video games, FMCG, automobiles, real estates or even a local business. This game is becoming stronger every day. It is always advised to hire a professional and top web design companies to beat the competitors.

6. Augmented Reality 

One of the best things that have happened with Instagram is the amazing camera makeovers. You get to play with so many inbuilt camera designs. There are so many options available to you and you could seriously use them to embrace your pictures. It is fun and engaging. Nobody can deny the entertaining camera designs of Instagram. Also, these filters are super easy and don’t let you give up on them in any way.

7. The Hashtag Game 

Undoubtedly the hashtags are the pillars of Instagram. There is no denying that the game of hashtags has evolved with time. The decade has turned the tables now. It looks like hashtags have made things more easy and valuable. The content gets viral with a click once you use the art of hashtags. There are special courses that have been introduced by several digital marketers to let people understand the technique of using them.

8. The Marketing Fever

Micro and macro marketing are at the rise with Instagram. The online marketing fever has taken every business at the storm. From a local entrepreneur to a big corporate, online marketing is taken seriously when it comes to Instagram. People are willing to rise through it and wish to learn more tactics and tools to upgrade their marketing techniques. Instagram has worked on this strategy in detail. You can promote, look into insights, search for viewers and potential growth through this.  But who can help you make your brand a bang on such platforms?

Not just Instagram but every social media platform is now trying to be more user friendly and active, the bigger part here is of those who run this market, also called the pro players. Wecomeet – digital marketing company London is a similar group of young, dynamic and active enthusiasts who are helping brands grow with the best available resources. We believe skills have no experience with time because practice makes all the difference.

We are a team that has the caliber to present client psychology in our work and also pitch the users with new and amazing ideas. Our branding services include web designing, branding, and marketing. You can visit our website to know more about us and the team. We believe in making success through hard work and give our passion for work. We are serving clients from all over the world and you can reach us through given details on the website. 

 Together, we can shoot the best potential and work towards an amazing future in branding and 360-degree marketing.

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