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Top 5 jobs during Coronavirus

Start-ups have been favourites of all. When this word came, back in 2013, nobody has thought of such popularity and value that it holds in today’s time. Almost every other person has his/her own start-up with a purpose to drive it. It was venture capitalist Aileen Lee who coined this term and now this term has become a dream of a million people in this world. The best thing about it is that it not only encourages people to pursue their passion but also helps them survive on a low budget with outside funding. In short, it is a work worth living. 

WECOMEET is a digital marketing agency in London which is focused on designing brands, building websites and bringing new on the table for our clients. We believe that if we stay focused and true to the projects, success is quite achievable. Well, here we are with another blog for another day! Check out the 5 “Tech” Start-up Ideas that you should mark for 2020 considering the situation of a Pandemic and post it. 

1. Online Ads Manager 

One of the best things about this profession is your work won’t get hurt even if you stay at home and manage everything. Online advertising is at boom and every business wants to promote itself on different platforms such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn. 

 The demand for this is increasing at a rapid rate as more and more businesses especially small businesses are trying to do this. You can help such businesses work with ads if you know how to run them effectively. Practice every day & start with a low-budget ad and then see how successful you are getting into this line. Being an Online Ads Manager is not a big task if performed well. It is easy to learn & interesting too. 

2. Sell an Online Course 

People look for comfort and there is nothing better than staying back home and learning new things every day. The best example of it is running an online course where you can teach people about so many things and charge a great price to it. Just like teaching Digital Marketing skills to your students and helping them start a career in it. 

There could be more such amazing topics like how to run a web design agency effectively, or a course on public speaking and many other skills that you can teach online to others and make the most of your time, energy & efforts. It not only builds your own online audience but also brings potentials opportunities onboard for your growth. You never know when people start recognizing you as an online star if you put genuine efforts to what you have planned to do. 

3. Independent Live streaming Reporter

One of the best things that the Internet has given to us is the end number of sources with the end number of news. In a time where people are always confused between the fake and the right one, you can be a great help to them. A live streaming reporter is not just a job; it is more like a responsibility towards your audience. But to start with it, you have to be good with live streaming software on social media with enough knowledge of its technical operations. 

There is no doubt, that once your career takes a jump in it, you are filled with more collaboration opportunities and people would like to fund you so that they can get promoted through your platform. But, initially, a lot of efforts go into making it a successful online venture. Keep trying and never give up on your goal because nothing comes easy. 

4. Virtual Life – Career Coaching 

You must be having a mentor in life. Someone who we adore for everything and anything they do. Long back, it was difficult to reach them but in today’s world, it doesn’t seem like. Be someone’s everyday inspiration. If you think that the passion inside you is meant to motivate others, this amazing Career Coaching job can help you earn and inspire at the same time. 

Virtual coaching is a trend now. You can use different online platforms where you can get easy access to your audience and guide them with real-time coaching and interactions. More than a career, you are putting people on track and becoming their lighthouse in the dark. Such career jobs are highly recommended especially in the difficult times of COVID 19, where people are facing serious breakdowns due to career loss and financial crisis. 

5. Content & SEO Strategist 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in content then in 2020 the best thing is to try your hands on it. The demand for content has surged in the past few weeks and that makes it the best job in today’s time. But now, here is the trick, writing content won’t help much if you don’t learn more. Just for instance, if you know what title is best in search volume then writing on such topics brings weight to what you are putting up to the audience. The SEO part is equally important to adapt. SEO should be your skill even if you are great at content. 

If you write what’s trending and people want to learn about it then take up this job & let fix skills with career. This is one of the best jobs you can pick in this quarantine. 

How can we help you with this?

Well, there could be more tech start-ups that you can start with but as the world is going through this pandemic and as long as we are homebound, these start-up ideas from home are easy to adapt and will also help you sustain financially. We at WECOMEET are here to take up your queries in web design, branding services, and marketing strategies to promote your business online. 

We have a team of young & dynamic people working to make your business a success with a creative side. You can visit our website and look for services that you are seeking for the business. 

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